API Legacy with Uptown automation
32 channels with an additional 24 monitor inputs with aux sends and 8 pair of bus faders with inserts.


Studer 820 24  track 2″ machine
Protools HD 3 with 38 inputs and outputs
Studer C37 Tube 2 track 1/4″ machine
ATR 102 1/2″ 2 track. 1/4″ heads also available


ProAc Studio 100
Westlake BBSM-10
B & W 805 Matrix
Yamaha NS10
Auratone Mix Cubes
Acoustic Energy AE1
Bryston 4B-SST
Passlabs X250.5 Amp
McIntosh MC2505 amp


BURL 26 AD 34 DA  channels
Apogee Symphony 8 channels
BURL Bomber AD 2 channel converter
BURL Bomber DA 2 channel converter
UAD 2 card and all UA plug ins
UAD2 Satellite
Lots of plug ins including Sound Toys, GML, some Waves and way more

Microphone preamps:

16 x API 212 (in the console)
3 x BAE 312
3 x API 312 (2 Sunset Sound Demedio pres)
1 x Avedis MA5
2 x Neve 1073 with EQ
3 x Neve 1066 with EQ
4 x Neve 1064 with EQ
2 x Neve 31105 with EQ
2 x Neve/BAE 1084 with eq
2 x Neve/BAE 1023 with eq
2 x Neve 33122a with eq
2 x Neve 1081 (no eq)
2 x RCA OP6
2 x Telefunken V72
2 x Telefunken V76
2 x Millennia HV-3C
2 X Millenia HV-32
2 x Ampex 351 modded for +48V
2 x Quad Eight MM71
2 x Electrodyne
1 x John Hardy M1
2 x Tab Funkenwerk V78
2 x Great River MP2-NV
1 x Vintech X73
2 x AEA RPQ Ribbon mic pre/eq
2 x Tonelux MP5A
2 x CAPI VP28
2 x CAPI VP26
Collins 212Y
RCA germanium 2 x 1 mic pre/mixer
Raytheon 3 x 1 Tube mic pre/mixer


2 channels Fairchild 670 – faithful reproduction
4 channels Urei/Universal Audio 1176 (rev d, rev e, rev f and reissue)
2 channels Urei 1178
2 channels Manley Vari-Mu
2 channels Manley Elop
2 channels Chandler TG-1
2 channels Chandler LTD-2
2 channels Thermionic Culture Phoenix SB Valve
2 channels of Innertube Audio Atomic Squeezebox
2 channels Neve 33609
2 channels Distressor
2 channels UBK Fatso
2 channels BAE 10DC
1 channel Highland Dynamics BG-2
1 channel Slate Pro Audio Dragon
2 channels Tube Tech LCA2B
1 channel Tube Tech  CL-1B
1 channel Universal Audio LA2A
1 channel Universal Audio LA3A
2 channels Ridge Farm Industries Boiler
2 channels Dramastic Audio Obsidian
1 channel Urei BL-40 with Waltzing Bear Audio mod (makes it an LA3 and more)
2 channels Alan Smart C1
2 channels SSL G384
1 channel Retro 176
1 channel Retro Sta Level
6 channels API 225l
1 channel Eventide Omnipressor
1 channel ADR Vocal Stressor
2 channels Overstayer Compressor
1 channel Spectrasonics 610
1 channel Gates/Retro solidstatesman
1 channel DBX 160 XT
2 channels ART Pro VLA
2 channels Neve 5043
2 channels BAE 1000
2 channel Federal AM-864
1 channel Maxson Dept. of Commerce Vari-mu Compressor
1 channel Gates SA-39 tube limiter


32 channels API 550l in console
2 channels API 560
2 channels Pultec EQP-1A3
1 channel  Pultec MEQ-5
2 channels Retro 2A3
2 channels GML EQ (Massenburg)
2 channels Manley Massive Passive
2 channels Great River EQ-2NV
2 channels Chandler Curve Bender
2 channels Neve/BAE 1073
2 channels Neve/BAE 1084
2 channels Neve/BAE 1023
2 channels Neve 33122a EQ
2 channels Electrodyne EQ
2 channels Quad Eight MM71 EQ
2 channels Daking 52270H EQ
1 channel Vintech X73 EQ
1 channel ADR Vocal Stressor EQ
1 channel Great River Harrison 32


EMT 140 Plate Reverb
Echoplate III Plate Reverb
Akg BX-20
Akg BX-10
Akg BX-2
Hamptone SR4 4 channel spring (long/short w/EQ)
Bricasti M7
AMS RMx-16
Lexicon PCM 70
Lexicon PCM 60
2 x Master Room Spring Reverb
Fisher Space Expander Tube Spring Reverb
Great British Spring
Tapco 4400A Spring Reverb
Sansui Spring Reverb
Quad 8 Spring Reverb
Sound Workshop Spring Reverb
Ursa Major Stargate 626
Eventide H3000 Ultra Harmonizer
Yamaha SPX-90
Zoom 1202
OTO Machines BAM Space Generator
Biamp Mixer with Spring Reverb


Fulltone Tube Tape Delay
Ibanez AD202
Lexicon PCM 41
Univoz EC80a tape delay
Space Echo 555
Space Echo 201
Space Echo 101
Lexicon Prime Time
Boss DM-100
Deluxe Memory Man
Stereo Memory Man
Moog delay
Mutron 1173 Digital Delay
OTO BIM 12-bit Stereo Delay

Distortion etc

Dynoray Dynamic Death Ray
2 channels of Thermionic Culture Vulture
Shure Level-Loc
So much more…

Other processing

2 channels SPL Transient Designer
2 channels SPL De-Esser
Little Labs VOG (Voice of God)
Radial Tossover Crossover
DACs Freque II
DBX 120 Subharmonic Synthesizer
Roland Dimension D
Spatializer Retro
BBE Sonic Maximizer 882i
Sherman Rodec Restyler
Electric Warp Factory Vocoder
So much more…


Vintage Telefunken U47 with VF14 tube. Klaus Heyne maintained
Telefunken U47 reissue
Telefunken M49
Wunder CM7GT
2 x Neumann U67 with Klaus Heyne mod
2 x Neumann KM54 Tube mics with nickel capsules
2 x Neumann KM86
2 x Neumann KM84
Neumann U87 Klaus Heyne modified
2 x Neumann U87 stock “vintage”
Neumann SM2 Stereo tube mic
Neumann KMS 104
Sony C37 tube mic
Schoeps 221B
2 X Schoeps CMT56
Oliver Archut/Neumann M49
Flea M49
Neumann KU100 Binaural Head
Sony C500
Lawson Fet47
2 x Gefell M300
2 x Coles 4038 ribbon mics
AEA R88 Stereo Ribbon mic
Royer SF-12 Stereo Ribbon mic
2 x Royer R-121
4 x RCA Varacoustic ribbon mics
RCA 44 ribbon mic
RCA 77 ribbon mic
2 x RCA BK5
AEA R84 ribbon mic
AEA N22 ribbon mic
2 x Beyerdynamic M160 ribbon mics
Beyerdynamic M500
Innertube Audio Magmic
2 x Rode classic tube mics
2 x Josephson e22s
Audio Technica 4050
Electro-Voice RE20
2 x AKG 451
Shure SM81
Shure KSM 137
2 x DPA/B & K 4011
Shure SM7
Soundelux U195
2 x AKG 414 TL-II
AKG D112
Sennheiser 409
Shure Beta SM91
Lots of Shure SM57, SM58 Beta etc including a 57 with Tab Funkenwerk transformer and Unidyne 57
3 x Sennheiser 421
Sennheiser 441
Shure Green Bullet
Shure 315 ribbon mic
Copperphone by Placid Audio
Carbonphone by Placid Audio
Potofone Ribbon
3 x Beyerdynamic M88
Audio Technica ATM 25
Binaural Skull Mic
Countryman Isomax
Lots of other misc funky older and newer mics


Eclair Engineering Evil Twin
A Designs REDDI
Demeter Tube DI
Phoenix Stereo Nice DI (Class A)
Ridge Farm Industries Gas Cooker stereo tube DI
Avalon U5
RadialPRO AV2
Radial Reamp
Cloudlifter Z
Little Labs IPB


60’s Rogers Holiday kit 13″, 16″, 20″
2 x 22″ 60’s Ludwig bass drum
C&C custom maple gum kit 20×12, 13×8, 16×15, 5.5″ x 14″ copper over brass 6 lug snare
Rogers Holiday 20″ bass drum (in addition to the kit above)
About 20 snares by Ludwig, Leedy, Gretsch, Craviotto, Slingerland, A+F Drum Co., Tama, Mastro, Thumper, Yamaha, etc.
WFL kit with calf skin heads 26″,16″,13″
Lots of cymbals by Istanbul, Zildjian, Sabian, Paiste, Cymbal and Gong etc
Lots of other misc drum and percussion stuff

Guitars and Basses:
Hofner Club Bass
1970s Fender Mustang Bass
1970s Rickenbacker 4001 Bass
1960 Silvertone electric guitar
Jerry Jones baritone electric guitar
Gibson Les Paul 1960 reissue
Gibson ES-175 reissue
2014 Gibson J-45 True Vintage
1970 Martin 00-18 acoustic
2000 Martin Smartwood acoustic
Gibson B25 12 string acoustic
Fender J Mascis Jazzmaster
Fender Telecaster Classic Vibe Squire
Fender Bass VI
Baby Sitar
Kay hollow body electric
Harmony tenor guitar acoustic
Nashville strung Yamaha acoustic
Tacoma Papoose acoustic
Mya-Moe resonator ukelele
Stella acoustic
Eastwood electric 12 string
Silvertone hollow body archtop with pickup
Guild Chet Atkins Signature hollow body electric
1990s Fender Stratocaster
Goya Nylon String Guitar

Also – Enoch banjo and banjo/uke available


Hammond C3 with percussion added which makes it a B3. With Leslie 122
Wurlitzer 200 Electric Piano
Wurlitzer 700 Tube electric piano
Mellotron/Chamberlain – new digital model
Crown piano 4 pedal upright in pristine condition. The additional pedal operates a mechanism called an “Orchestral Attachment” and “Practice Clavier”, which were special features that produced tones like the harpsichord, mandolin, zither. When this 4th pedal isn’t engaged, the piano plays like an ordinary piano.
Upright Piano, unknown brand–formerly owned by Richard Manuel and Ian McLagan
Moog Minimoog D
Vintage Billhorn Pump organ
Estey Pump Organ
RMI organ
Farfisa Syntorchestra
Farfisa Professional Piano
Farfisa Soundmaker
Crumar Performer
Reagan 512 Vibes
Sequential Circuits Pro One
DSI Prophet ’08
Roland Juno 106
Multivox String + Bass Machine
Swedish Glockenspiel
Farfisa Compact Combo Organ
Yamaha SY-1
Yamaha CP-10
Several Casios including the SK1 and SK5
Casiotone 1000P
Korg Miniloge
D.S. Ramsingh Bros. Harmonium
Toy Piano
Novation Bass Station
Lowry Organ
DSI Tempest Drum Machine
TR-606 Drum Machine
Maestro Rhythm King “Funk Box”
Ace Tone Rhythm Ace
Yamaha SY-55
Casio FZ-1
Korg Poly Ensemble PE-1000


Carr Mercury
65 Fender Super Reverb blackface
65 Fender Deluxe Reverb blackface
Fender Vibrolux Reverb (Sligo remake)
Fender Princeton Reverb 1972
Vox AC30
Ampeg B-15
Ampeg Micro-VR bass amp and cab with 2 x 10s
Ampeg SVT-4 PRO with 4×10 cab
Peavy Classic Chorus 212
Benson Monarch w Tall Bird Tube Reverb + cab
Fender Bassman head blackface
Gibson Explorer GA-18
Magnatone 260
White Amplifier
Fender Blues Jr.
Small Magnavox
Small Magnatone
Vox AC15
Epiphone Electar
Leslie Model 16 Cab
Leslie Model 60 w/ satellite speaker
Sho-Bud Custom “Christmas Tree” pedal steel amp


TONS – too many to list
Moog Minitaur


Boss SP-404
Boss SP-202