April 3, 2010

Tuesday is the release of the debut record from Black Prarie on Sugar Hill Records. It’s an all acoustic affair with a healthy dose of spook sprinkled about. NPR is streaming the album in advance here. I’m just back from Nashville where we tracked a new record for banjo player/songtress Abigail Washburn. The tracking was finished today in Portland and the mixing shall commence immediately. We’ve had many great contributions from folks like Viktor Krauss, Kai Welch, Bill Frisell, Tim O Brien, Edgar Meyer, Carl Broemel (My Morning Jacket), Old Crow Medicine show folks, Wu Fei, Jeremy Kittell, Nathaniel Smith and on and on. My goal is to get the mixing done before I become a papa which could be any day now. After a week or 2 with the baby we jump right into a new Decemberists record which we’ll be recording out in the country outside of Portland in a barn that we are converting into a studio just for this record. I’m looking forward to Peter Buck’s guest appearance on a couple of songs.

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